Long-Lasting Fun with Bouncy Castles Norwich

Bouncy castles Norwich are one of the easiest ways to add fun to any type of event, and they are not only for children.

Adult inflatable castles can liven up birthday parties, stag and hen nights, and even make for memorable wedding reception gatherings. Although pricing is low enough not to break a planning budget, booking a rental early is critical, especially during the busy summer season.

Inflatable bouncy castles Norwich are perfect novelty for long-lasting entertainment for both children and adults, with selections available to suit virtually any party or activity theme. General pirate and princess themes can be found along with popular movie-related themes such as Toy Story and Harry Potter, with rentals even available with specific holiday themes, such as Halloween or Christmas. Sizes typically range from 12 x 12 feet ideal for smaller gathering to 25 x 20 feet for larger parties, and some styles may include a slide for even more activity fun.

The rental prices of bouncy castles Norwich are also very budget-friendly, with child-sized castles typically ranging from £35 – £75 per day, and larger castles around £75 -£125 per day. Keeping a bouncy castle longer is generally not an issue, however, as extending a rental usually incurs only a small additional fee, often no more than £25.

Most rentals in the Norwich area also have the added benefit of free delivery, setup, and retrieval, meaning that renting a castle can be as easy as making a telephone call. Summer rentals should be made at least a week in advance, however, as the warm seasons are the busiest, meaning that rental availability may be limited.

Space must also be considered before renting bouncy castles Norwich, as there are minimum requirements that must be met in order to use the castles safely. As each castle is designed with a step on the front for entering and exiting, there should be at least 1.2 meters of space in front of the step to prevent falls due to crowding. There should also be at least 0.6 meters of space on either side of the castle to allow for shifting during active use, and at least 2 meters available behind the castle to ensure the blower unit is kept a safe distance away.

Added safety measures include ensuring that the selected rental company is a member of the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance BIHA), as this organization ensures its members are thoroughly educated on the proper operation of inflatable castles. Rental companies should also have valid Public Liability Insurance of at least £1 million, although it is not uncommon to find policies including up to £2 million in coverage. A final word of advice is to be aware that the cheapest rental company may not be safest, as considerably lower costs may mean poor quality castles, inadequate insurance, or outdated safety certificates.

Bouncy castles Norwich can add boatloads of fun to any type of party or gathering, from birthdays and holiday gatherings to wedding celebrations. The wide range of themes makes them suitable for both children and adults, and the rental prices are often very low-cost. Delivery is also free for most of Norwich, and trained delivery personnel can handle both the setup and takedown. Adequate space should be ensured  before a rental is processed, however, and verifying the BIHA membership of the selected company can give peace of mind in regards to both safety and insurance. Bouncy castles Norwich can easily be
found online, and researching both the products and the prices can be the best way to find the ideal bouncy castle for any particular party.


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